What to Do When the Other Driver Doesn’t Share Insurance Information?

Driver refusing to share insurance information

If you get into a car accident, there is a pretty basic procedure that you have to follow. The first is usually calling the police, getting you to a safe area and exchanging contact details. You need to get the personal contact information of the other driver as well as their insurance information.

Those details are relevant since that is what you will use when it is time to file for compensation. However, there are situations whereby the other driver may refuse to give you his details. It may be a very confusing case, but it happens, and you need to know what to do. However, it is also a good idea to have an experienced car accident attorney to advise you.

He can give you directions of what steps to take so that you get everything you need. Avoid arguing with the driver since you still have a good number of options even when they refuse to share their information.

Why Do You Need the Other Driver’s Contact Information?

After an accident no matter how minor, usually the drivers will exchange their details. Some of the critical information that you need includes:

  • The name, address and phone number of the other driver.
  • The name, address and contact details of the other driver’s insurance provider.
  • Their insurance policy number and policy expiration date.
  • Their car registration number, car model, and color.

These details will help you know where to take your claim form or if you are going to file a suit, you need to know who you are suing. However, it gets a little complicated if the driver won’t give you the information you need. You shouldn’t despair since there is plenty you can do to ensure you have all the details that you need.

What Accident Attorney San Diego Advices You to Do If the Other Driver Won’t Give You the Insurance Information

Unless you are not planning to file a claim with the other driver’s insurance company, you need those details. However, some drivers may deny you this due to the knowledge that they are at fault. Remember to remain calm and don’t engage in an argument with the driver. That is because it can affect your claim since the insurer will investigate into all of that. In such a case, there is plenty you can do to ensure that you get what you need. These include:

Take Pictures of the Scene of the Crash

If you are in a position to ensure that you take clear photos of the car accident. Make sure that the other car is well in focus so that you can see the registration plate and the physique of the vehicle. The same is what you need to do even in a hit and run incident. With the registration number, you can quickly get the full details of the driver and his insurance provider.

Wait for the Police to Arrive

Even if the driver refuses to share their insurance information with you, they can deny the police. Therefore, once the police arrive at the scene, you can report that the driver refused to share his information. The police can give you the details that you need to file the claim.

Get the Police Report

Your lawyer or insurance provider can get a copy of the police report. In it, there will be details about the driver including that of his insurance provider. Once they have the insurance information, you can go ahead and file a claim, and due to their refusal, you may even get them to pay more than they should have.

It is best to have an excellent lawyer guide you through this process so you can maximize on the compensation you will get. Due to the unwillingness of the driver to provide the required details, you have a solid case. Starting with that you can go ahead and file a suit if the insurance company doesn’t give you a great offer.

Reach Out to Auto Accident Lawyer San Diego for More Information

Filing a claim is quite easy, but once the other driver shows an unwillingness to cooperate, you need a lawyer. He will help you in getting the information that he refused to share and go ahead to file the claim. If you have encountered a similar problem, call us at Lawyers for Car Accidents and let us help with your case. We understand that you want the best compensation and that is what we will work to get you.