What to do After an Accident in Carlsbad

What to do After an Accident in Carlsbad

Having knowledge when it comes to an accident means that you know exactly what to do on the scene of the accident, a few hours afterwards, and what to do in the weeks or months that follow. In order to ensure that you will get the right benefits, as well as, maintaining your health, it’s imperative to take the right steps. To learn more about what you should do, keep reading. Call (800) 487-8669 to get started with talking to George Arvanitis at 1-800-HURT-NOW in Carlsbad. Keep in mind that California allows for only a two-year statute of limitations that you are able to make an injury claim.

Your Sudden Concerns After a Car Crash

Ensure that you are in a safe area and check your injuries. In the immediate event of a car crash, it is of utmost importance that the welfare and safety of the individuals involved is the main concern. Immediately after an accident has occurred, it is important to get out of the way of traffic as soon as possible. Be sure to call 911 after the accident has occurred, even if the injuries seem to be trivial or even non-existent. An adrenaline rush could accompany the accident that could temporarily mask an injury that could be present. This could be an issue if you are not looked over and could even be fatal, that’s why it’s important to have yourself assessed by a medical physician.

Knowing that all involved parties are not in medical danger, you should keep reading to see the additional post-accident steps to ensure that you have preserved the evidence in case of an injury claim.

What to Do Minutes and Hours After a Car Wreck

It is incredibly important to make sure that you collect as many facts about the accident as possible. Once the police have shown up on the scene, those who were involved in the incident need to make a complete statement about the events that happened before the incident. Following this, make sure that you take these steps:

Exchange contact and insurance info with everyone that was involved in the accident.
Take images of the vehicle at every angle and all of the debris around.
Keep a reminder of the weather conditions, the time and day, as well as, any kind of hazards that have been near the automobile accident.
Talk to the witnesses about what they had heard and saw during the accident.
Refrain from placing the blame on anyone.

At this point, it’s important to make arrangements for the damaged property to be removed from the accident scene – the police may be able to help. If you were in the accident, you should contact your insurance provider about the car crash and to receive and accurate assessment of the property damage and bodily injuries.

Days, Weeks and Months after the Car Crash

File your insurance statement. Following the car crash, you should contemplate a personal injury action against the responsible party in the days, weeks and months to come. If your insurance company is pressuring you to settle your case quick, contact George Arvanitis – Carlsbad personal injury attorney. A personal injury claim can benefit you very desirable results if you are injured, especially if an accident has resulted in you having significant injuries or disability.

Stay structured. Keep a folder dedicated to your case and place any and all important documents in it (i.e., medical bills, repair estimates, receipts, etc.). Keep a pain journal where you document your everyday life in regards to any pain you may have. This will help you because we’ll be better off to begin your case.

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