What Records Should You Keep After a Car Crash?

Person gathering his documents concerning his car accident

After a car accident, you need to be keen and deliberate about everything you do. That is more so the case when you want to file a claim or even a suit. You need as much evidence as possible about your case otherwise you will be on the losing end.do not take any record or detail for granted since they could all be crucial for your situation.

The best thing to do is to find a file and store every single document that you receive after the collision. With this, you can approach an excellent car crash lawyer that will help you in the steps to follow. Usually, he will assist with filing the claims form and arranging your evidence so that everything is ready for the negotiations.

Having an attorney during the process of seeking compensation is a benefit that you cannot overlook. He will handle everything for you so if you have injuries; you know you can trust in him to take care of it.

What Records Do I Need To Keep After a Crash According to Car Accident Attorney San Diego?

After experiencing a car accident, you should not take anything for granted. If you want to submit a successful claim, you need to have all your facts in order. That is why car collision lawyer says that you should keep everything safe and if possible make copies. Some of the records that you need include:

Evidence of the Scene of the Crash

Immediately after the car accident, it is best that you take photos of the scene of the crash. The images have to be clear and to show different angles of the crash. It should have in focus all of the vehicles involved, their license plate numbers and the surroundings. Do not discard any of these photos since they will go a long way in helping to determine who was at fault.

Medical Records

If you got injuries during the accident, then it is a must that you went to a hospital. After that you need to keep all the medical records from your trip(s) to the hospital and how much you spent. Gather copies of your prescription, tests, and any procedures that you underwent. If you visited different doctors after the accident for related injuries, ensure that you have all those documents. It is especially important to keep a record of your diagnosis and billing for everything. That will serve as proof for compensation.

Estimates of Damage of Property

If your vehicle was damaged during the accident, you should seek compensation for that. For this to happen, you need an evaluation of your car before the crash. You also need details and costs of the repairs it will need so it can go back to normal. Some insurance policies require that your insurer should be the one to do the evaluation. If this is the case, request a copy of the findings and keep it in your file.

Proof of Income

In case you had some injuries, and you couldn’t go to work for some days, then it is essential to prove that. You can achieve that by getting a copy of your paycheck or deposit records to prove that you have a job and you suffered losses after the accident. You can also get a document from your place of work showing how much you lost on the days that you weren’t at work.

Car Insurance Details

You must have exchanged insurance details with the other driver. Make sure that you keep this safely since it will come in handy when it is time to file the claim. It will give you details to whom you should submit the claim with to make your work easier. If the other driver did not have insurance or was underinsured, you have to note that down so that a lawyer can guide you on what to do.

Call a San Diego Car Accident Lawyer Today for Help

Once you have all the documents that you need to file your claim, you need to hire an experienced attorney. He will know how to put all the records that you have to good use so that you do not suffer any losses. Reach out to a San Diego car accident lawyers for an evaluation of your case so that we may know where to start. Thanks to our able team of car accident lawyers, you can be sure that they will get you the full compensation that you need.