Should I Sign the Insurance Release?

One of the worst mistakes some people make after a collision is to assume the insurance company is a benevolent company and that the claims adjuster will assist them in obtaining the compensation they deserve for their damages and injuries. This can’t be further from the truth. You must view the insurance company as it really is: a business. Insurance claims adjusters are paid by the insurance company, which is a for-profit business that wants to make a profit. The #1 way for an insurance company to maintain their profits when it comes to your motor vehicle collision claim is to convince you to settle for a small amount before you have the opportunity to think about all of the costs associated with the accident. Insurance companies will also minimize what you receive in compensation if they can. Before you sign anything at all, follow our advice and do the following:

  1. Conduct your own investigation into the costs associated with your damages and injuries. We will conduct a thorough investigation as part of your case.
  2. Speak with your doctor regarding the prognosis and future treatments related to your injuries as well as any lasting disabilities.
  3. Maintain a written record of all expenses and communications.
  4. Seek a free consultation with a California personal injury attorney.

The last thing that you want to do is make a mistake. You just have one opportunity to prove your case and collect a fair settlement to cover your damages. Speaking with an attorney before agreeing to anything irreversible is the best way to avoid regrets.