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Texting & driving accident lawyer in San Diego, CaliforniaWhen a driver decides to read or write text messages while driving, that individual is endangering the lives of everyone on the road. This includes themselves and their own passengers as well as other drivers and passengers, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

If you are involved in a San Diego texting and driving auto accident, you are likely to face a tremendous medical expenses, lost wages from missed time at work, vehicle repairs, and more. You deserve to have these expenses and losses covered. Call 1-800-HURT-NOW (800-487-8669) to speak to George Arvanitis about your case. You may be entitled to compensation.

California Bans Texting While Driving

Some people might think they are being safe while they text and drive. Maybe they only do it on roads that aren’t very populated, only when driving in a parking lot, or only when driving at low speeds. Some might think that it’s okay as long as there’s a passenger there to notice any obstacles in the road or changes in traffic. California law prohibits texting and driving, period.

Further, this law applies to anything that could involve inputting information to a mobile device, including inputting an address to a GPS system. It also includes composing emails or searching the internet. Even talking on the phone is unlawful, unless you have a hands-free device and you are over 28 years old. For those under 18 years old, even using a hands free device to talk on the phone is illegal. It is essential for all drivers to understand the law and be aware that no exceptions will be made because you thought you were being safe about it.

It is important to understand why these laws are in place. When you hear your phone alert you to a text message and you look away from the road to read it, you might take no more than five seconds to do so, yet you will probably travel about a quarter of a mile in that period of time. This means that you are traveling a significant distance without looking at the road. Even on a deserted road, anything can happen within those few seconds when your eyes are off the road. Then, you are quite likely to wish to respond to that message. How much time does this take? How long are your eyes off the road?

Were You the Victim of a Texting and Driving Accident in San Diego?

If you were the victim of a texting and driving accident, you can recover a substantial amount of compensation to address your medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, pain and suffering, and more. To get a general idea of how much you could receive, consider the 2013 case where a texting and driving auto accident victim recovered more than $75K in lost wages alone, plus over $315K for their future expected damages. This does not even cover the significant sum that they recovered for their existing medical debt and property damage. Altogether, this victim recovered over $650K.

You Must Prove That Texting & Driving Occurred In Order To Recover Compensation

While texting and driving may have caused your auto accident, it will be up to you and your attorney to prove it. This will depend on the circumstances of your case. Take pictures at the scene of the accident if you can. Try to get photos of the individual, their vehicle, and perhaps a phone that has a text conversation opened. You can also gather the contact information of witnesses who may have seen what happened. In some cases, your attorney can help you to obtain the phone records of the at-fault driver for evidence. Even a police report could help.

To learn more about how your lawyer can assist you with gathering evidence and proving your claim, contact 1-800-HURT-NOW (800-487-8669) to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with George Arvanitis. We’ll help to negotiate your claim with the insurance company to recover a fair settlement, to gather the necessary evidence, and to take the case to court if necessary.

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