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San Bernardino CA lawyer for texting and driving accidentsImagine this — you were injured in an automobile accident and you found out that the other driver had been distracted while texting and driving, which caused the accident. You could be facing expensive hospital bills, lost wages because of time off from work, possible reduced future earning capacity if your injuries are severe, and be coping with immense pain and suffering.

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Texting & Driving Is Prohibited In California

Californian Vehicle Code Section 23123.5 explains that a person who is driving an automobile cannot look things up on the internet, send or view a text message, do any emailing, or send or view an instant-message. Drivers cannot enter an address into a GPS system while the car is moving. Cellphone calls are allowed (1) if driver is more than 18 years of age, and (2) if the driver is using a hands-free device such as bluetooth or speakerphone.

Studies done on texting by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute say that it typically takes four to five seconds to read a text. This means that at 55mph, a driver’s eyes will leave the road for a distance equivalent to one hundred yards. The dangers associated with texting and driving are incredible.

Am I Able To Recover Damages After a Texting and Driving Accident?

Nearly $1 million dollars in damages was given to an injured driver in California who was a victim of a texting and driving accident in 2013; the decision was $680,000, plus $77,000 in lost wages due to missed time at work, plus $316,000 in future losses due to the injuries.

Each case is unique and there is no guarantee that you will receive compensation like the example cited above. However, it is possible that you can be awarded damages for past and future lost wages, property damage to your vehicle, medical expenses, rehabilitation expenses and future healthcare needs related to the accident.

How Do I Prove That The Other Driver Was Texting?

In order to prove that the other driver was distracted by texting and caused the accident, you will need:

  • Statements from all eye-witnesses
  • Police reports clearly describing that the driver was texting
  • The cellphone records of the driver responsible for the accident

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