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Accident caused by road hazards in Riverside, CARiverside sees a lot of auto accidents every day, and most are caused by driver error or defective auto parts. However, this is not the case for all auto accidents that occur in this area. It is entirely possible for auto accidents to be caused by roadway hazards, frequently attributed to the fault of the government or government employees, or perhaps a trucking company or owner of spilled cargo.

If you’ve been in a road hazard auto accident in Riverside, call 1-800-HURT-NOW (800-487-8669). You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and damage to your car.

Common Causes of Roadway Hazard Auto Accidents

As mentioned above, the road hazard that caused your auto accident in Riverside could be the fault of the governmental entity which is responsible for designing and maintaining roads, or it could be the fault of someone involved with spilled cargo, such as a trucking company or owner of the cargo. To determine who is at fault for your auto accident, you need to establish the exact cause.

Common causes include road construction, road debris that hasn’t been cleared away properly, poorly lit roads, or various forms of spilled cargo that has not been cleared away properly. Common examples of poorly maintained roads include things like pot holes that are allowed get severe enough to cause serious auto accidents. If you’ve been a road hazard auto accident in Riverside, then you will have to establish who the negligent party is and then prove your damages.

When the Government is Responsible for Your Hazardous Road Accident

Many road hazard accidents are caused by the government and government employees who fail to keep the roads safe, or who build poorly-designed or poorly-lit roads. In some cases, the accident may be caused by roadway construction without adequate warnings. But when the government is the at-fault party in your auto accident claim, this can be intimidating and challenging to prove. This is where it really helps to have an experienced accident attorney on your side. Call 1-800-HURT-NOW (800-487-8669) to learn more about how you can go about proving negligence and damages.

Winning a Lawsuit Against the Government in Riverside

When you file a lawsuit against the government for a road hazard accident, you have to prove several points. This is more difficult than auto accidents involving the fault of another driver. For instance, you have to prove that a hazardous condition existed, and that the appropriate agency could have responded to that condition in a timely manner, but did not. You must also demonstrate that there was every reason to believe that an accident might occur because of the dangerous roadway condition, and that the accident was therefore allowed to occur through the negligence of an employee of the governmental department responsible for maintaining the road.

Keep in mind that the government or Department of Transportation in California is not required to ensure that the roads are in absolutely perfect shape. They only have to ensure that reasonable repairs are made for the safety of those who drive on the roads. This can make it challenging to prove your case in a claim against the government.

Proving Auto Accident Claims Caused By Spilled Cargo

When it comes to spilled cargo accidents, who is at fault will depend on a few variables. For instance, was the cargo spill caused by improper loading? If so, it may be the cargo company’s fault. Was the cargo spill caused by an auto accident? If so, who caused the accident? It may be their fault. Depending on the circumstances, you might have a claim against the trucking company, the driver, or someone else entirely.

Call 1-800-HURT-NOW (800-487-8669) to learn more about liability in such cases and how to prove it.

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