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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA) has stated that 28 percent of total highway crashes are “rear-end collisions.” When it comes to car crashes, rear end incidents are the most avoidable type, but if you are in a rear end accident, it can create great inconvenience and even immobility; you can ask for help from George Arvanitis, an automobile accident attorney.
While driver unawareness is of course the major factor that can cause a rear end crash, other factors include weather and surrounding events. For the person in the front, an impact from a rear end accident can range from deadly to at least causing property damage or a minor injury such as a strain or sprain. In order to receive benefits, you have to be able to prove that the other driver’s inattention had caused the accident.

What do I do to prove carelessness of the other driver?

While behind the wheel of an automobile, it is the requirement of the driver to ensure the safety of those around them and conduct themselves reasonably. On a general overview, this means that all drivers must pay attention to the speed limit, practice safety when changing lanes, and allowing those who are walking and other drivers the right of way when appropriate. While drivers must of course exercise caution, they must also observe the rules of well-being and diligence.

There are a few options for drivers to ensure that they can avoid the event of a rear end accident. It’s recommended that the first step is ensuring that you are at least three car lengths away from the car in front of you; if at all possible it is encouraged to remain even further back just in case. Another way to ensure that you are not in a rear end accident, is of course not texting while driving, which is a California law that has been in place since 2009. Your last option is to practice extra caution during times where the weather is hazardous; this will help keep you and other drivers out of a rear-end accident.

Even if prevention can be put into place, statistics prove that one out of every four automobile collisions are caused by a rear-end accident that could have been avoided.
In the event of a rear-end collision, the victim in the accident must prove that the driver is at fault by providing info that:
The driver at fault owes the victim a duty of caution.
A driver was acting in a dangerous manner, for example, speeding or talking/texting on the phone.
Another driver was acting n a dangerous manner and caused a collision.
Property damages ensued and/or the victim of the accident sustained personal injuries.

Who should be faulted, the front driver of the rear driver?

It’s a pretty obvious assumption that the vehicle in the rear is the one at fault in a rear-end collision. At times, this can be quite the opposite, if proven to be so. The driver in front could be the one who caused the accident, if there is reason to believe that the driver was not driving in a cautious, safe manner.
In the situation that there are four lanes and a driver in the far-right lane collides with the driver directly in front of him, he could escape charges, but only if there is proof that the front driver decided to suddenly change lanes putting him in front of the driver in the far right lane. Additionally, if there are any issues that include the vehicle or a roadway obstruction (wild animals, debris, etc.) there could be a different way to fix the rear-end collision dispute; if you are in a case such as this, you should call George Arvanitis, so that he can review your circumstances and begin building your claim.

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