When Rainy Weather Results in a San Diego, California, Auto Accident

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San Diego, California, has an almost arid climate, without a lot of rainfall. So, you might not think that rainy weather is a big contributor to auto accidents in San Diego, California. Yet, when it does rain, those who are not used to driving in poor weather are more likely to cause accidents. There are many roadway hazards that come with rainy weather. There is a risk of hydroplaning on roads that have collected water. This happens when your tires can’t get good traction, and if it happens to you, you might lose control of your car. Then, you are likely to overcorrect when trying to regain control. Another hazard that comes with rainy weather is the limited visibility. If you can’t see well, then you might not recognize other hazards or the behavior of other drivers that could result in an auto accident. You may also struggle to maintain your speed, and you might even get lost. It also becomes more difficult to stop as quickly as you may need to, and you might end up in an accident by failing to stop in time.

Even if you are skilled at driving and driving in all sorts of weather, you could fall victim to the mistakes of other drivers who are less skilled and experienced. It may be that someone near you is dealing with limited visibility or with hydroplaning and ends up rear ending you or causing some other kind of accident that you can’t avoid. Today, we’re going to look at precautions that you can take when it rains to prevent rainy weather auto accidents in San Diego, California.

Car Accident Attorney in San Diego

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Take Precautions to Avoid Getting into a Rainy Weather Auto Accident in San Diego, California

When it comes to rainy weather driving in San Diego, California, you have to keep in mind that you cannot always protect yourself from the mistakes of others. You also have to keep in mind that being too confident in your own driving can result in accidents from over-confidence and not being as careful as you should be. There are many precautions that you can take to avoid getting into a rainy weather auto accident in San Diego, California. Following are some precautions you can take to ensure that your vehicle is well prepared for rainy weather driving:

  • Make sure that your windshield wipers work well.
  • Check your tire tread. It should be at least 4/32 inches.
  • Check your tire pressure. Add air if you need to.
  • Ensure that your lights are all working well. You need your signals and lights to be seen.
  • Make sure your windshield is clean, so that you don’t get smears when using your wipers.

Making sure that your vehicle is in good condition for driving in inclement weather is essential, but there are also many steps that you can take to ensure that you take precautions while driving. Following are some precautions that you can take when driving in rainy weather in San Diego, California:

  • Increase distance between yourself and other vehicles, particularly the one in front of you. This will ensure that you have enough time to stop if that vehicle stops or gets into an auto accident.
  • Slow your speed to minimize the risk of hydroplaning or getting into an accident that is caused by poor visibility. Slower is better in rainy weather.
  • Leave earlier than you normally would to give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination without having to rush when the weather is not ideal for safe driving.
  • Brake sooner than you usually would and brake more slowly than usual.
  • Use the middle lane when it is available.
  • Do not use cruise control when driving in rainy weather conditions. Adjust your speed based on the conditions and keep space between yourself and others. Also be aware that cruise control can make you more likely to hydroplane on wet roads.
  • Avoid puddles because they may be a lot deeper than they look. This could flood your vehicle, damage your car, and end up leaving you stranded on the road in the rain. They can also get your rotors wet, impairing your ability to brake. Tapping your brakes can reduce the likelihood of this happening after you drive through a puddle if you can’t avoid it.
  • Watch carefully for other vehicles that may make mistakes when driving in the rain. Remember that drivers in San Diego, California, are less likely to have the necessary skills to avoid rainy weather auto accidents they are not used to driving in the rain.
  • Make sure that your windows don’t fog up and further reduce your visibility.
  • Take advantage of the advanced driving courses that are available in your area to improve your skill in driving in rainy weather and all other driving situations. Encourage teen drivers in your home to also take these advanced driving courses. This will ensure that you are prepared for rainy weather and various other obstacles and hazards on the road. It will also ensure that you know how to respond to various road conditions and auto accidents to minimize the harm that may come to you and others if you are not fully prepared for the driving conditions you face.

Do You Know Who to Call After a Rainy Weather Auto Accident in San Diego, California?

After a rainy weather auto accident in San Diego, California, you need to know who to call. You will need to get the insurance and contact information of all other involved drivers, seek medical treatment (even if you don’t think you are injured, because some injuries are not immediately apparent), and then contact an experienced San Diego, California, auto accident attorney. Call 1-800-HURT-NOW to schedule a free consultation with a lawyer who has your best interests at heart. We will work hard to ensure that you get the coverage and compensation that you need and deserve.