Coachella CA Trucking Accidents

Trucking Accident Attorney in Coachella Valley, CA

The destructive force of a large commercial truck or 18-wheeler is far greater than that of your average car accident.  Those involved in these trucking accidents are at a much higher risk to sustain severe injuries and property damages.  Our California truck accident lawyers can help you navigate the specific circumstances involved in a large truck accident.

In Los Angeles County, truck and tractor-trailer accidents cause roughly 30% of California’s traffic injuries and many of these accidents end up in fatalities.  Also, the majority of trucking accidents take place in the southern part of California.  These accidents seem to be on the rise across the country. Trucking is one of the largest industries in the United States and steadily growing. With more trucks on the roads, the chances of being in a trucking accident also increase

Since most trucks are commercial vehicles, they are usually run and owned by large corporations and businesses.  The trucking industry is also regulated much by federal and state governments.  With the mix of commercial and governmental interests in the trucking industry, many of the accident claims involving trucking accidents can be more complicated and more severe than other motor vehicle accidents.

Be sure to contact one of our Coachella Valley truck accident attorneys immediately after your trucking accident.  The magnitude of the force and the increased risk of serious injury and property damages in trucking accidents create greater opportunities for harm and with that harm comes a greater need for compensation due to extensive damages.  Also many times due to the mass and size of the truck there is usually multiple cars involved.  There are legal issues that arise from these types of accidents since business interests are involved.  Our knowledgeable attorneys have the necessary experience to deal with the tractor-trailer companies and can pursue compensation for you, should you be involved in a trucking accident. Our skilled attorneys will handle the case so that you can resume living your life

Immediately after a crash, it is important that you contact an experienced commercial truck accident lawyer and that you start to document details from the collision scene.  Make sure that if you have any injuries, or even if you feel like you are injured,  you seek emergency medical assistance and that others involved in the crash get their medical needs met too.  Take down all license, registration, insurance information, names, addresses, and plate numbers of those involved.  Do not leave out witnesses or passengers’ information.  Be sure to get the company that owns or has hired the truck.  Do your best to preserve and protect any evidence of the accident.  Take pictures of the accident scene or anything else you feel could have been a factor in causing the accident. It is also important that you take pictures of any physical injuries and damages. Call the police immediately after making sure everyone is okay and pulled out of the way of any other potential harms. You will also want to get a copy of the accident report, which needs to be safely stored until you retain a truck collision attorney.  Do not allow your vehicle or any of its parts that may have come off be disposed of until all evidence can be gathered.  Often immediately after an accident, those involved will be in shock or disoriented, but it will be critical that you write down as much of the accident as you can remember as soon as is possible in the given situation. Store these notes with any other evidence collected and turn a copy of it over to an experienced commercial truck accident lawyer.

Dealing with trucking accidents is a common practice for companies that hire big rig trucks.  They are substantially prepared to protect themselves and their investments whenever there is an accident.  Some trucking companies even have accident response teams that will go to the scene of the accident to protect the companies’ interests.  The response team is typically comprised of industry analysts, attorneys, and technical specialists.  The victims of a trucking accident are usually up against very well-organized companies with ample resources.  The injured victim must show that the truck driver was negligent or at fault and this is no small job, particularly for someone who just suffered a traumatic accident and possible injuries. Our trucking accident attorneys have the experience, knowledge, and resources to counter the trucking companies’ strategies and are here to help you win your claim.

The majority of truck drivers on the road generally have good driving and safety records, which comes as part of the job requirements for most trucking companies.  Most companies will suspend or terminate the employment of a truck driver that has a bad safety record or develops poor driving habit.  These large commercial trucks drive long lengths, thousands of miles at a time and the trucks they are operating need to be maintained well.  Federal and state laws regulate truck maintenance and safety requirements.  They also mandate truck size and load sizes.  Even with all these safety measures, there are still numerous truck related accidents.  There are some main common accidents where the truck or the truck driver are at fault.

Accidents, where the truck driver or the truck itself are at fault, are many.  If the driver has been operating the truck under the influence of drugs or alcohol you could have a very legitimate claim.  Fatigue is often a reason for a trucking accident.  The law puts a limit on the number of hours a driver can drive without stopping for rest.  Drivers will sometimes push these limits due to their incentives from their company.  Trucking companies pay based on how soon a delivery or pick up can be made.  About 25% of trucking accidents occur due to drivers falling asleep at the wheel.  Speeding accounts for another chunk of all large trucking accidents.  Within the speeding trucking accidents, a fourth of them had previous citations for speeding when involved in a fatal crash.  Sometimes the design and construction of the truck can be faulty.  With new technologies and materials, truck maintenance has become more sophisticated than it used to be in years past.  Improper parts or poorly fitted parts can add to the failures that lead to trucking accidents.  Trucks never get a day off; they are always on the road so they may not get the maintenance regularly needed to stay safe on the highway.  Sometimes accidents occur due to improper loading and distribution.  How a large load is packed into the trailer can make a large difference when weight shifts while on the road.  If a truck has not been properly inspected or there has been a mistake made during an inspection, then that truck could, in turn, cause a deadly trucking accident.  Trucking companies or owners are supposed to hire competent staff to help maintain, and safely drive their vehicles.  Owners can overlook problems with drivers that speed or have a history of citations.  Owners can also sometimes let undertrained drivers or maintenance help work on their trucks.  These missteps can fall as the fault of the truck owner or company.

Calculating Compensation for Truck Accidents in Coachella

Acquiring the proper compensation in a trucking accident can be difficult and daunting.  Compensation in trucking accidents may not be limited to just immediate injuries and damages.  Due to this, a commercial truck accident lawyer can make a critical difference in the amount of compensation one may be awarded in a trucking accident case.  There are different types of compensation.  Immediate compensation is received directly after an accident for the care you received, which usually includes emergency medical needs and can also take care of long-term medical costs.  Some trucking accidents require long-term care.  This is always an important issue to discuss when assessing compensation.  Calculating long-term damages can take extensive research and documentation.  Our semi-truck accident lawyers are familiar with the various types of compensation and will persistently work with you to get the amount you need to cover your damages and injuries.   Some of the long-term compensation categories are pain and suffering, lost wages, reduced earning capacity, and lifestyle changes, life care, and punitive damages.  Lost wages can become an issue when the extent of the victim’s injuries are severe and a long recovery time is needed.  For example, someone that is injured and cannot immediately return to their job right away can be compensated for time lost.  Reduced earning capacity is taken into consideration when the victim has long term injuries or disabilities due to the accident.  If the collision affects the victim’s ability to live their normal life or earn a living as they had before the accident they can be compensated for the changes in income.  This cost can sometimes include education or retraining for their occupation.  Lifestyle changes can be handicaps such as an avid runner that can no longer exercise as they could before the collision.  The lifestyle of the injured party has had to change due to the accident.  When an accident is so severe that the victim requires medical and physical aid for the rest of their life, compensation is accordingly awarded and is known as life care.  Punitive damages are given to an injured person when the other party acted with extreme recklessness or evident and apparent wrongdoing, which seldom happens in auto accidents and even less in trucking accidents. But, if the driver of the tractor trailer broke the law with behavior clearly seen as something unacceptable at the time of the trucking collision, punitive damages could be awarded.  Truck owners and the companies associated might be liable for these damages if they did not obey state and federal laws while maintaining the trucks. Liability for a collision might also take place if it is discovered that the company continued to employ a driver with a known history of substance abuse or other reckless, dangerous behavior.  Our truck accident attorneys know all costs that should be included when working on compensation issues.

How is the Compensation Paid and Who Pays It?

There are many sources of compensation in trucking accidents.  Insurance companies are one primary source, but they can be difficult to deal with after a collision involving injured parties.  It is also possible that the business that contracts the tractor-trailer company is to blame for the accident and could be held responsible for paying for the damages caused.  Sometimes due to the large scale of trucking accidents, other drivers may be at fault or partially at fault for the crash.  The owner or business operator of the trucking organization may be at fault for the collision.  Owners may not maintain the trucks properly or hire drivers with horrible track records.  Sometimes defective parts or products from the actual designer or manufacturers of the vehicles may be to blame for the accident.  If a repair service made faulty repairs and sent the truck back out onto the road knowingly can be held accountable.  Also, if the road was not maintained properly, a government entity could be at fault. Many different sources of compensation exist, and there are multiple ways one can have the injuries and damages they suffered financially covered.  Investigating and obtaining all the proper documentation can be an overwhelming task.  Our trucking accident attorneys at are no stranger to all these types of situations.  We will sit down with you can go over your accident thoroughly and help you acquire the compensation you deserve.  Please contact our office to schedule a complimentary consultation today.