What is the Leading Cause of Car Accidents in San Diego, CA?

car accidents in San Diego CA

There are many causes of car accidents in San Diego. Drivers can be tired, under the influence, or they perhaps don’t pay enough attention to the road. Today’s technologies and safety measures installed on vehicles still can’t save us in a collision. It is important that we do everything we can to prevent traffic disasters from happening. Two main causes can lead to car accidents in San Diego. One is driver error, and the other one is environmental factors. Driver error refers to any mistake the driver makes when behind the wheel.          

What About Distracted Driving in Car Accidents in San Diego?

Driving behaviors are causing many car accidents in San Diego. When the driver is distracted by the use of cell phones, eating or drinking, he or she can no longer pay attention to driving. Many of us think we are capable of doing more than one thing at a time. This may be true when using a computer, but not when driving a car. Multitasking is definitely not for when behind the wheel.

The human brain can’t process too much information at a time. When solicited a lot, it selects and processes only parts of information. Many of us assume we can deal with two tasks at once, but this is not possible as the brain doesn’t effectively accomplish either of them. As a driver, the speed at which you react to outside stimuli is essential. If you slow this speed by performing two different tasks at the same time, you won’t be able to avoid the obstacles in your vehicle’s way. Many accidents in San Diego have happened because the driver was in engaged in texting or adjusting the radio.

Is Fatigued Driving a Driver Error?

Fatigued driving is also a driver error. It has the same effects as alcohol consumption. You can easily be involved in car accidents in San Diego if you drive your car when you are too tired. Just like with drunk driving, fatigued driving leads to slower reaction times and consequently, crashes.

A person who is too tired can fall asleep behind the wheel. Losing control of the car will lead to a collision. When too tired to drive, just pull over and sleep for an hour. Have a coffee when you wake up, and you will be good to go again.

What Happens if You Drink and Drive?

Drinking alcohol and driving is definitely not the way to go. Alcohol affects not only your judgment and perception but also your vital motor skills. These are all required to function within normal parameters, and especially when driving. Many car accidents in San Diego have been reported to be caused by drunk driving.

According to National statistics, about 12,000 deaths happen every year in DUI-related crashes. California is a fun place. It is impossible to go out and not have a drink or two. The wisest decision is to ask someone else to drive if you have consumed alcohol. Or call a cab and get home safely. You will save both your life and others’ if you do so.

Is Speeding a Driver Error as Well?

Speeding is as well a driver error as it is the driver who presses the acceleration pedal. The higher the speed, the more difficult to avoid a collision or an obstacle. Speeding is one of the most common causes of car accidents in San Diego, and it is a known fact that teens are more likely to speed.

The chance of fatal injuries is heightened when a vehicle is being driven at high speeds. A collision at 45 mph will have less disastrous effects than one at 90 mph. It is also important to adapt the speed to the traffic and weather conditions if you want to avoid a crash.  

It doesn’t matter how hurried you are; speeding is not the solution as you are endangering not only your own life but also the lives of other participants to the traffic. The faster you drive, the more chances to cause an accident. Not to mention your reaction time is significantly slowed down.

Other causes of car accidents in San Diego are construction sites, wrong-way driving, animal crossings, weather, racing, running red lights, night driving, unsafe lane changes, improper turns and driving under the influence drugs. But the leading cause of car accidents in San Diego is distracted driving, followed by speeding.

If you have been involved in a crash, call a car accident lawyer to help you defend your case. We are experienced and perfectly able to discuss your options and come up with solutions that will be in your best interest.