Can I Use Proof of the Other Driver’s DUI in My Car Accident Lawsuit?

Can I use proof of the other drivers DUI in my car accident lawsuit

There are all kinds of car accidents. Some of the most dangerous involve drunk driving. This is because the drunk driver has no idea what he’s doing. He’s driving recklessly and has no care for the damage he does to his victims. A car accident lawyer in San Diego has handled dozens of cases involving drunk drivers. They know what evidence they can use to prove your car accident case.

If you get hit by a drunk driver, the first thing you need to do is call the police. Make sure you take pictures of the driver’s license plate before you do anything else. Drunk drivers have a habit of taking off before the cops can get there.

The second thing you need to do is go to the hospital. It’s crucial that you check for any injuries. First, you need to make sure you’re okay. Second, you need to document your injuries for your insurance claim or lawsuit.

Your Car Accident Lawyer in San Diego Knows Why It’s Important That You Call the Police?

It’s always important that you call the police after a car accident. This is even truer when you’re hit by a drunk driver. Of course, you may not know that the other driver is drunk. But when he gets out of his car to talk to you, you’ll get an idea of just how impaired he is.

By calling the police, you protect yourself in several ways:

  • The officer can speak with the other driver and he’ll notice he’s impaired. He will arrest him for drunk driving and put this into the police report. Your lawyer may need to rely on this information down the road.
  • The police will create a report for the accident. This report will have very important information that you won’t be able to get later on, such as:
    • Contact information for any witnesses
    • Description of the accident scene
    • Pictures of the scene and the vehicles involved
    • Contact information for both drivers
    • License and insurance info for both drivers
    • A record that the other driver was driving under the influence
  • If the other driver takes off, the police can search for him. If you have a picture of the other driver’s car and license plate, this will help the officers.

Your accident lawyer in San Diego will use all of this information to prepare your case.

How Will My Car Accident Lawyer in San Diego Introduce the Driver’s DUI?

If the other driver is arrested for a DUI, your car accident lawyer will find a way to introduce it into court. He will more than likely wait until he’s been convicted. If he introduces the DUI and the defendant ends up getting acquitted, it could hurt your case.

Thankfully, it’ll take a lot longer to file your case than it’ll take for the defendant to go to court for his DUI. If he is convicted, there’s no reason your lawyer can’t use this. He will introduce proof of the conviction into your case to show liability.

If the defendant is found guilty of DUI, there’s no reason to think that he wasn’t responsible for your accident. It has nothing to do with his criminal liability. It simply serves as proof that he was negligent.

Your Car Accident Lawyer in San Diego Will Get You the Compensation You Deserve

Your car accident attorney in San Diego is taking your case for one reason – to get you the compensation you deserve. Lawyers don’t take cases that have no merit. They don’t like to waste their time or yours.

When your attorney takes your case, he’ll review it to see what kind of damages he can claim. Some of the damages he may demand include:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Out of pocket expenses

All he has to do to get you compensation is prove the other driver was at fault. If the other driver was guilty of DUI, there’s no reason to think you won’t be compensated for your injuries.

There’s never a guarantee when it comes to a lawsuit. There’s always a chance that you could lose. For example, you may have been more responsible than the defendant. It’s hard to imagine this in a DUI case. But it does happen.

Call and schedule your initial consultation with a car accident attorney in San Diego, California. A trustworthy attorney will review your case and let you know what it may be worth.