Can Car Crash Victims Sue the Bar that Served a Drunk Driver?

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Are you living in Riverside & San Bernardino Counties, which is part of Inland Empire, located in CA and have met with a car accident due to somebody else’s fault? After being in the accident, you are informed that the driver of the other vehicle was drunk and you had nothing to do with the cause of the car accident. It is, indeed, an unfortunate accident and, in most cases, the innocent car driver must bear the results of the drunk driving accident. The issue of drunk driving is a national problem, but is not spoken about often enough. The tragic consequences of a drunk driving accident can uproot the life of an individual as well as destroy one’s enjoyment of life.

The Dram Shop Act

No matter which part of the United States you are from, most places have some sort of laws, known as Dram Act or Dram Shop Laws, that hold establishments responsible for how much alcohol the establishment serve a customer. Though they have the license to run the business in the locality or area, they need to ensure that their clients are not fully drunk before leaving their establishment. If a customer has had an unreasonable amount or more than they can handle, the bar or restaurant can be held accountable for the damage the driver may cause when driving after having left the establishment. It is the responsibility of the establishment, in most states, to ensure that a customer can handle their vehicles on the roads and avoid any accidents.

The main reason a bar or restaurant may over serve is obvious; they want ensure that their clients are a happy and that the business is making money. However, any customer that has been over served is far more likely to be involved in an accident with disastrous results. After the car accident, lives are broken and sometimes unable to be repaired because of the irresponsible actions of a few.

The Dram Shop Law was brought in use in the country to specifically bring a level of accountability to bars, restaurants, and pubs that serve alcohol to inebriated people. The name stemming from England during the 1700s, “dram” is a unit of measure by which gin was sold. The amount equaled something close to a tablespoon. The ability of suing a pub or bar for the accident is known so. It is obvious that bars and pubs ought to ensure that their clients drink responsibly. Drunk driving is a menace to society and already countless lives have already been lost. Though some of the individuals involved may have managed to come out of the situation alive, their lives are potentially over. Leading ordinary lives will likely be ended due to injuries, jail time, or death. Drinking and driving is always dangerous, but being over served adds another element of risk to an already deadly situation. Whether the driver is aware of it or not, they are a hindrance for everybody on the road and the chances of causing a car accident with an innocent car driver or bystander is dramatically increased.

Significance of hiring a personal lawyer 

So, why to hire a personal injury lawyer? A lawyer that practices personal injury law will greatly increase your chance of coming out of a drunk driving accident with the best outcome. Any person residing in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties of California that has been involved in a drunk driving accident involving another driver or bar or restaurant that has possibly over served a patron needs not to waste any time. Immediately after being involved in an accident, retain the service of a personal injury lawyer. Your life could depend on it. The more time an attorney has to prepare for a case, the more likely the individual being represented will prevail with more positive results. A personal injury attorney can be immensely useful, in that, the intricacies and complexities of your case will be something that your lawyer has dealt with regularly. The personal injury lawyer will know the right procedures and legal actions necessary to pursue against both the car driver and the bar or pub from which he/she was over served.

Most people are unaware of the legal procedures and laws in the state of California, nor do they understand how to represent themselves. Having a lawyer will give the individual harmed the ability to form a strong case against both the driver and the bar. Recovering from injuries is difficult enough; let an experienced personal injury attorney handle your case and perform the essential tasks necessary to file a claim. A reliable, professional legal advisor can help get the compensation you deserve and likely need after having been injured and unable to go for work.

How a personal injury lawyer can help you out?

There are many benefits of hiring a lawyer to fight your case. The main advantage here would be that your lawyer can help you file your insurance claim correctly. Insurance firms are notorious for trying to settle a case quickly. This could leave you with future lost wages or other potential damages coming out of your pocket, which is a why having an experienced personal injury lawyer representing can not only protect your rights, but also get you the fairest compensation possible.

How to hire a good lawyer?

The importance of hiring a good personal injury attorney cannot be stressed enough. However, you will need to know how to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer. In the state of California, lawyers are very competitive and offer reliable and genuine services. The best way to know the efficiency of a lawyer for your case would be to research his/her experience and the number of successful cases he or she has fought and won for their clients. When the lawyer success rate is high, you know that the chances of getting suitable compensation for your injuries are greater.

Be sure to come to an agreement on the percentage you will owe the lawyer once your settlement has been awarded. It will likely be a percentage of the entirety of the amount you are awarded. But, some lawyers will demand more fees for providing the insurance sum. An experienced & skilled Riverside personal injury attorney will not only protect you and recover your losses, but will see that the appropriate justice has been warranted in your case. You will want to spend some time researching law firms and clients who have faced injuries due to drunk drivers and how they are successful.