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You or someone you love was hurt in a car crash and later you discover that it was all due to the negligence of a driver who was texting on his phone. Now you have to face time off work, expensive medical bills, and suffer injuries. Do not hesitate. Call George Arvanitis at 1-800-HURT-NOW to learn today how to exercise your rights in texting & driving accidents.

The Ban on Texting and Driving in California

According to Vehicle Code Section 23123.5, in California, states that a driver who is operating an automobile may not send an email, search the web, send or read a text message, or send or read an instant message. The law also states that a driver may not type an address into a GPS phone app either. Making sure that the driver is over 18, telephone calls may be made while using a hands-free device.
Research suggests that the average text message takes about 4-5 seconds to read, according to the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute. This means that if the driver is driving at 55 miles an hour, he will travel the length of a football field without ever looking at the road. The risks involved here are staggering, with a terrible potential for injuries.

Am I able to recover damages after a texting and driving incident?

In 2013, an award of $930,000 ($680,000 verdict, plus $77,000 is lost wages and $316,000 in future damages) was given to a texting and driving accident victim by a California jury.
While the above case is rare and victims of a texting and driving incident are not guaranteed this amount, it is true that they are still qualified to recover benefits, at the least, lost salaries, medical expenses, and future medical care needs. George Arvanitis, California car crash attorney, can help you with a successful case by looking at all of your damages in the short term and the long term, keep your from making a mistake that could hurt your case, and be your advisor throughout the whole process.

What do I do to prove that the other driver was texting?

You not only have to prove that the other driver was texting, but you have to prove that it was this distraction that had caused the accident. To do this, you have to have evidence.

This could include:
Spectator accounts
Reports from police officers detailing that the driver was texting
Cell phone accounts
We at 1-800-HURT-NOW can help you determine what kind of evidence will help your case and present it to ensure that you get the best compensation you deserve. Additionally, with an attorney available to help you, you will avoid many mistakes that could hurt your case.
Trying to settle quickly for low payouts, many insurance companies will settle before the victim knows how bad their injuries truly are. George Arvanitis, personal injury lawyer, can help you avoid this.
Call George Arvanitis today at 1-800-HURT-NOW if a driver on the road thought it was more important to text and caused your accident.

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