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Let’s say you or a loved one was on the highway driving, ensuring your safety by following traffic laws, and then due to hazardous road conditions, you got into an accident. At this point you are now suffering from injuries because of someone’s failure of attention, not because of your own choices.
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Accidents Are Caused By These Roadway Hazards

Roadway hazards that may cause a car crash:
Road construction projects that are poorly managed
Road debris or spilled cargo
Terrible road design or bad lighting
Guardrails that are unstable
Potholes and imperfections on the roadway
Depending on the nature of the car crash will tell who the person or group responsible for the crash is.

Who is accountable for keeping the roads?

It is the government’s accountability to keep all roads safe in design and construction on all government levels (local, state, and federal). In the state of California, it is the California Department of Transportation’s responsibility for inspecting, maintaining, improving, and managing roads. In the event that there was an accident due to road construction, design defects, or other road defects, it could be the governmental organization’s fault that works and maintains the road where the accident occurred.
The California Government Code § 835 and all of its subparts outline the specifics of when a governmental agency can be held legally accountable for the circumstances of a highway.
In order for a person that has been injured to have a successful claim, they must show evidence that:
The accident was caused due to a dangerous situation
The government had the opportunity to take care of the issue prior to the accident
Injuries occurred and were predictable
The injuries that occurred were due to hazardous conditions
Additionally, the injured person has to show that there was an act of negligence of an employee that caused the conditions. In California, the DOT is not required to make sure that the roads or perfect, they only have to ensure that reasonable repairs are made. In the event that you have been in an accident of this nature, it’s often seen to be a difficult and complex case, so contact lawyer George Arvanitis to help you investigate your case, provide fault where due, and prove liability.

Where is the blame placed if the accident happened because of a spill on the road?

There are times where a hazardous condition causes an accident that isn’t a construction of maintenance road issue.
Instead the accident is caused by a spillage on the road.
A truck that unintentionally spills its shipment in the middle of the road can be a foremost issue. Depending on the type of cargo, it can add additional danger as well. Hazardous cargo can not only be the cause of such accidents, but they can also cause more dangers for anyone in an accident or anyone around the accident. If this is the case, then the driver and/or the trucking company could be held accountable. In other cases, it could be the cargo owner that is held responsible if it was not loaded or sealed properly.

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In an accident caused by hazardous roadways, it can be difficult proving liability. In these cases there are events that could be stacked up against you like laws, statutes of limitations and government immunity. To figure out how to express your rights, contact George Arvanitis at 1-800-HURT-NOW.

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