California Drunk Driving Accidents

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Even though the number of California DUI incidents has declined in recent years, the percentage of incidents is still a large issue.  Despite efforts from advocacy groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) the total number of drunk driving incidents in California remain very high.  In 2011, the final calculation of DUI arrests totaled 180, 212.  DUI and DWI are the largest cause of automotive related deaths in the state of California.  That means that 63.5 percent of motor vehicle deaths are caused by drunk drivers here in California.  The consequences caused by drunk drivers are even more serious when you look at all the injuries sustained in drunk driving accidents.  In the same year as above, 23,621 individuals were injured in California drunk driving accidents.  Many of those who were injured had to endure slow recoveries, severe pain and much suffering.  California drunk driving victims usually sustain intense, life-altering injuries without fault of their own.  In 2015, alcohol-impaired motor vehicle deaths accounted for 29 percent of the total vehicle traffic fatalities in the country.  The statistics do not lie.  Drunk driving is an immense danger to all who travel on or live around our roadways.

The state of California statutes maintains that for vehicle operators to be legally drunk, they must have a blood alcohol level of .08 or higher.  For most individuals, this is an easy amount to reach.  For certain people, just a couple drinks in an hour can result in legal intoxication.  Once that intoxication level is reached a person’s decisions can have serious consequences for them and others travelling the roadways.  Our California car accident attorneys have dedicated their professional careers to helping victims claim proper compensation from drunk driving accidents.

Our legal team does pay close attention to the criminal sanctions levied against drunk drivers, but we also recognize that criminal penalties are not the only answer to dealing with drunk driving cases.  Many penalties are harsh such as incarcerations, heavy fines, and driving restrictions.  Our attorneys recognize that while these penalties are substantial, they do not pay for medical bills, rehabilitation or for the pain and suffering of the victim.  Our legal team fights to hold the guilty party accountable for their actions, and will work diligently to get the best possible compensation from the case.  Our legal staff examines each of our client’s cases on a personalized basis and works to acquire the maximum compensation possible.

Have You Been Injured in an Accident with a Drunk Driver?

For those injured in a California drunk driving accident civil damages may be able to be recovered.  There are many losses that can be compensated in a drunk driving accident case.  The victim can be compensated for medical expenses, property damages, lost wages, physical therapy, pain and suffering, and in the worse of situations, funeral expenses.  Often, the restitution payments to the victims of drunk drivers are insufficient to fully cover the needs of those harmed.  Therefore, it is extremely important to have a competent California drunk driving accident attorney to help you go through the legal process.

When suing a drunk driver, proving liability in a civil court is sometimes easier than proving guilt in a criminal court.  When the driver has already been convicted in court of having a blood alcohol level over the legal limit at the time of the event can be very helpful in gaining compensation.  However, even litigation such as this can be difficult and have its challenges.  To stand the best chance at recovering the maximum compensation in any case, it is best to have the legal aid of a skilled attorney.  An experienced car accident attorney will also be able to handle the insurance companies that pose significant obstacles in drunk driving cases.  Our seasoned lawyers can make a tremendous difference in securing payment from insurance carriers.

The significant injuries suffered in drunk driving accidents can be severe and sometimes permanent.  Therefore, the monetary recovery needed for victims to gain some semblance of their original life before the accident can be quite substantial.  Luckily, big financial settlements in these cases can be achieved.  The courts in California recently endured a $6 million settlement in a case that involved a wrong way crash set off by a drunk driver on I-10.  Large settlements such as this are not uncommon.  Our firm has direct experience with winning larger settlements.

When an unexpected accident occurs, and you are victimized by a drunk driver you will usually feel confused and overwhelmed.  Being able to pick the correct attorney to handle your claims may seem like a small task, but it could be the most important decision you ever make.  Remember to focus in on a few essentials when deciding on the right attorney for your claims. Be sure to seek a car accident lawyer that offers personalized attention.  No two cases are exactly alike, so be certain your attorney is interested in the details and specifics of your particular case.  A good car accident attorney will have experience in handling civil drunk driving matters.  Do not just chose an attorney because they overly promise a favorable outcome.  Honest feedback about the merits of your specific case is a good indicator of a skilled car accident lawyer.  Your attorney should have a record of successful cases.  Lastly, pick a lawyer that is prompt when corresponding with you, whether it be by e-mail or phone.

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At our law firm, we take great pride in meeting all the criteria listed above and then some.  We understand the severity of car accidents and fatalities that are caused by drunk drivers.  Our legal staff sees and works around it every day.  We will walk those who have had little to no previous legal experience through the litigation process.  You can rest assured that through our guidance and support, you will always be provided with the information needed to make smart decisions.  Each and every one of our clients are treated individually and get a personalized approach to their specific case needs.  It is our firm’s mission to fight for every penny of compensation to which you are entitled to.  Please call our office (1-800 HURT NOW) to set up a free consultation today.  One of our skilled Riverside, California car accident attorneys is waiting to evaluate your case, and help you get back on the road to recovery.